Playbook for Continuous Learning

Build a learning culture and drive performance with playbookbuilder.

The Problem

Today, companies need to consider training differently - instead of an event, it needs to be considered an ongoing process. But building a learning culture is tricky:

IT’S TIME CONSUMING: It’s takes too long and everyone is too busy.

IT’S INCONSISTENT: Different trainers, different locations, different timeframes = inconsistent team training.

IT’S INEFFICIENT: Paperwork? Trainings? Meetings? Shadowing? Really?

IT’S EXPENSIVE: If you add up your time, lost productivity, ramp up time and risk…old fashioned training is just too costly.

The Solution

PlaybookBuilder enables high performance teams to create a learning culture that upskills workers, keeps your culture intact, and drives new information right to their desktop or mobile device.

What Goes into Your TRAINING Playbook

  1. Job-specific training

  2. Peer-to-peer training using your Subject Matter Experts

  3. Videos, lists, images, links and anything else you can imagine

  4. Quizzes to measure learning

  5. Reports to measure use

  6. QR codes to make learning portable

Software Features that Matter

Fast moving companies need on-demand learning solutions and PlaybookBuilder can deliver. PlaybookBuilder’s remote access training, ease and simplicity of content authorship, and powerful peer-to-peer training format, makes it is the most powerful solution to level up the skills of your people. Features that matter:

  1. Video-centric training creates a robust and modern learning experience

  2. Mobile and tablet enabled to support on-the-go/24-7 training

  3. Ease of authorship enables ongoing learning enhancements

  4. Quizzes and Reports enable your leaders to measure use

  5. Automated drip emails create a support for training leaders