Enhance M&A success with PlaybookBuilder



Anyone who has done at least one merger or acquisition has realized that the complexity is more about “the people” than “the deal”. Yet, as consolidation continues and deal volume increases, it stands to reason that more deals will be done and you want to be in on the game.


Use Playbook to capture the processes, culture and training of the dominant company in the transaction and make it accessible while you blend the companies together. That critical 90-day window can be used to accelerate awareness and improve relations.

And the best part? You can reuse your Playbook for the next deal. Over and over, improving it each time as you increase velocity and deal size.

PlaybookBuilder leverages time, team, and technology so growing companies can simplify, accelerate and improve the M&AQ experience.

What Goes into Your M&A Playbook

  1. Executive leadership welcome videos

  2. Overview of the M&A Process

  3. Company products/services

  4. Software Training

  5. Company Culture Training

Software Features that Matter

M&A-minded growth leaders need the specific support and PlaybookBuilder can deliver. Given the need to automate and scale consistent communication - PlaybookBuilder’s architecture, and control features make it the most powerful solution for driving successful M&A outcomes. Features that matter:

  1. Playbooks include video, files, presentations, and quizzes

  2. “Team” structures cluster users into groups so your M&A Transaction Team can use Playbook for the process while the other employees access a different Playbook

  3. Process structure creates a simple training outline

  4. Reports allow you to manage the adoption or intervene where needed

  5. Automated emails allow you to streamline and simplify communication