A Client Communication Playbook

Managing relationships with your customer base takes on a whole new level with PlaybookBuilder.


For most companies, managing information with clients is time consuming, fruitless, and a matter of repeating the same information over and over.

INEFFICIENT: If the only way you share information, up-sell clients, share updates, and train customers is one-on-one you already know it doesn’t make sense.

EXPENSIVE: The staff required to educate clients effectively could be used to deepen the relationship - not just repeat the same information.

RISKY: Keeping customers in the loop is critical when one false move can cost you the relationship or worse, go viral.


PlaybookBuilder leverages time, team, and technology so growing companies can simplify, accelerate and improve the client experience. Employ Playbook to create a powerful connection with your clients.

Imagine providing them access to you, your people, and the tools and ideas that you have to share that can drive cross-sells, retention, referrals, and better relationships. You can even use PlaybookBuilder to charge for access to your content, creating a passive and recurring revenue stream.

What Goes into Your Client Communication Playbook

  1. Welcome aboard videos and tools

  2. How To manuals

  3. Product and Feature updates

  4. Team bios

  5. Case studies

  6. Value-added services and solutions

Software Features that Matter

Your customers need customized support and PlaybookBuilder can deliver it. Given the speed of business - PlaybookBuilder’s remote access training, ease and simplicity of content authorship, and powerful peer-to-peer training format, makes it is the most powerful solution for customer connections. Features that matter:

  1. Video-centric training, means you can show - not just tell - what you mean

  2. Structure in the software means you can build a totally private solution just for clients using the same platform you use to train your staff

  3. Process structure creates a simple training outline

  4. File management makes versions of presentations easy to manage

  5. Reporting to show what your clients are watching so you can tailor it to their needs

  6. Auto-email functions allow you to simply and automate communication